People make the difference

Per month 2,000+
new jobseekers
More than 60,000
completed CVs
Every week we reach 500,000
people via social media
In total 4,200+
successful placements
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Fast contact

Fast approach to your candidates without any intermediaries through our self-designed system.

For all types

We supply candidates to all types of businesses big and small.

No cure no pay

We arrange motivated and qualified staff. You only pay when someone actually starts working.

Matching system

Thanks to our unique matching system, we quickly can find candidates for the periods that you are looking for.

Staff that make the difference

With us, you can get in touch with Dutch job seekers who are known for being well educated and having a fighting spirit. A large part of our job seekers speak more than one language besides English, you can find people who can speak German and/ or French.

Dutch Employees candidate page
Video motivation

Our engaging video motivation feature enables you to get the best picture of a candidate that comes from afar.

Clear Profile

The profiles provide you with all the information you need to determine whether a candidate is qualified.


For questions, you and your candidates can always contact us. We put in few hours a day to answer any questions.

Access Anywhere

Our ideal website is always available for you, even on your mobile! It is easy and convenient, you can stay up to date and see whether a suitable candidate is found.

Reserved list

Did an employee suddenly quit? No worries at all! If an employee quits his/her work, then in no time we can find a suitable replacement for you, thanks to our unique database.

How does Dutch Employees work?

What companies say about Dutch Employees

Dutch Employees, a great cooperation with a company who knows how to reach both employees and companies due to their clear and attractive website and customer-friendly service.

We have experienced great personalized support & cooperation from Dutch employees in finding suitable candidates for our vacancies. Dutch Employees is very competent in launching campaigns and attracting qualified personal in each sector with great success

Dutch Employees helps us all year long successfully recruiting a great number of suitable candidates. Therefore we were able to make a lot of entertainers very happy with a nice job. Great company!

For two years now, we are making use of the services of Dutch Employees and we are very happy with the coorporation. Dutch Employees is very effective in finding motivated and international professionals and has provided us a big number of high quality candidates.