How can we help?

  • Can my vacancies be managed by other recruiters?
    Recruiters will be able to have an account under an Employer’s management. Recruiters can also create their own account.
  • How many languages are supported on Dutch Employees?
    We currently support English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. 
  • Does Dutch Employees offer services to third-party recruiters?
    Yes, Dutch Employees offers the same employer services for third-party recruiters, including the Cost-Per-Hire system. 
  • What other services does Dutch Employees provide?
    Recruitment and Selection, if you want to save time, then we can do the whole recruitment and pre-selection process for you for an agreed price. 
  • Do you have testimonials from your clients?
    Yes, you can find our clients’ testimonials at the bottom of our homepage. If you scroll to the bottom of the website you will find the title "What companies say about Dutch Employees" that is our clients' testimonials.
  • How does Dutch Employees market its vacancies?
    Dutch Employees operates on various social platforms. Therefore, besides our main website, the open vacancies will be marketed around all our social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram with around 59k followers combined and growing.
  • What is the selection process like?
    Once you have successfully posted your vacancy, candidates from all around the Netherlands can view the vacancy and apply. You then can easily view the profile of the candidates and their experiences and from decided whether you are interested in a candidate. You need to fill in the job description as complete as possible so the suitable candidates apply. Our match-making system also automatically connect the job seekers to the job description according to what they are looking for. You as the employer get to view the profiles of various candidates that are interested in your vacancy. You can also contact them if you have any further questions. In this way, you can have direct contact with the active job seekers.
  • What are your Terms of Business?
    You can find our Terms of Business in our Terms and Conditions page Or scroll all the way to the bottom of our website and click on "Terms and Conditions" under Dutch Employees.
  • How often will Dutch Employees stay in contact with the employer and candidate?
    All Dutch Employees does is recruit candidates for our clients. The moment a candidate is hired, they will be employed by you (our client) and therefore, you are responsible for them. 

    The only time Dutch Employees will contact you (the employer/client) and the candidate/job seeker is as follows: 
    1- The first moment of applying
    2- If you have any questions regarding Dutch Employees 
    3- If you are facing troubles with your application
  • In which platforms does Dutch Employees operates in?
    We operate in our main website, Facebook, Linked-in and Instagram.